Ned's Newt

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While searching through On Demands' large selection of cartoons for my daughter, I found Ned's Newt, a cartoon that features a salamander, or more specifically, a newt. Of course, because a salamander was involved, I had to watch an episode and provide my review in the salamander blog. The idea behind the cartoon is a young boy can't find any other pet so he is left with buying a lethargic salamander. Given a jar of special pet food, the newt, Newton, is able to grow to a large size and morph into different shapes, creatures, etc. The newt reminds me a lot of Genie in the Disney cartoon, Alladin, even down to the blue coloration. had several copies of the series but all of them were on VHS and I've haven't seen any DVD versions available.

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I think I see something about this that looks like my dad... *evil grin*Salamanders rule!!!!!!!

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