UPDATE - Zoos in USA with Giant Salamander exhibits

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On June 30, 2006, while attending CFUnited 2006, I took an afternoon to search for Chinese Giant Salamanders at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. In an earlier post - Zoos in the USA with Giant Salamander exhibits - I mentioned that several zoos including the National Zoo were displaying or going to be displaying Giant Salamanders. The closest I got to a giant amphibian was a bronze frog statue as the Asia Trail was still under construction. While no Giant Salamanders were found, inside the Reptile house they did exhibit a good number of aquatic amphibians such as a Aquatic Caecilian, Typhlonectes natans, a Three-toed amphiuma, Amphiuma tridactylum, a Greater Siren, Siren lacertina, and one semi-terrestrial species the Emperor newt, Tylototriton shanjing. During this same trip I stopped in to visit family outside of Chicago, Illinois, and again went in search of salamanders, this time at the Brookfield Zoo. My only find to my disappointment was the Emperor newt. Bah!

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