September 2006 Archives

new Canadian salamander stamp

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Canada announced today that they will be offering a Blotched Tiger Salamander stamp included in a set of four endangered species stamps. The stamp will be 51 cents (wow, postage is expensive in Canada) and for those of us who have to have everything salamander can be purchased online at Canada Post's website.

the salamander and the King of France

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Francis I of France was crowned King of France in 1515. France's first Renaissance Monarch, Francis I considered the salamander as his symbol and adorned his Chateau de Chambord and Chateau de Blois with salamanders. Why did he use salamanders? One website reports that during this time period , salamanders were seen as symbols of fortitude and patience through suffering. Francis' salamanders look more like dragons to me with scales, fire and pointy teeth.

c'mon Kentucky, vote for salamanders

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Here is proof that salamanders can be found everywhere. Residents of Kentucky can vote for a new license plate featuring Pink Lady Slippers and I think, a slimy salamander. So, c'mon Kentucky vote for the salamander - the horse thing is getting old.