who's who of salamander researchers in the USA

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I come across these three American researchers consistently as I review amphibian (particularly salamander) research and read of discoveries of new salamander species. I've based many of the posts in this blog on information from these researchers so some recognition was due.

My list of the top salamander researchers in the USA:

  • Andrew Blaustein, Oregon State University An expert on amphibian declines, Dr. Blaustein is consistently interviewed magazines such as Nature and Discover.
  • David Wake, University of California at Berkeley Every time I turn around he seems to be discovering a new species. He recently described two new species Costa Rican salamander species.
  • James Petranka,The University of North Carolina at Asheville Dr. Petranka is the author of the Handbook of Salamanders, the massive handbook describing the plentiful salamanders species found in North America.

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