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salamander tracks

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Image courtesy of Animal Tracks of Minnesota & Wisconsin

While at a cabin in Ladysmith, WI, I recently came across the book Animal Tracks of Minnesota & Wisconsin (Animal Tracks Guides). I didn't expect to find any information on tracks except mammal tracks. Surprisingly, the guide had an informative page on the tracks left by salamanders. The article states that salamanders leave a print of four toes from the fore foot and five toes on the hind foot print and often drag the belly and tail.
Three new salamander species were discovered in Costa Rica in the largest forest reserve in the Central America, La Amistad National Park. Discovered by a team led by Alex Monro of the Natural History Museum in London, all of the species found were small with the smallest, a member of the genus Nototriton, the size of a human fingernail. The other two species are members of the genus Bolitoglossa. None of the species have yet to be named. In September of 2007 two new plethodontid species were found in the same area: Gomez’s Web-footed Salamander, Bolitoglossa gomezi and Brame’s Web-footed Salamander, Bolitoglossa bramei.