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salamander woodcut print

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Visiting Grand Marais, MN a year or so ago, my wife and I found our way into a local art gallery displaying artwork from several local artists. Some of the artists I recognized, Roy Thomas, an Ojibwa woodland style painter (a large original Roy Thomas painting can be found at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center), and Betsy Bowen, a woodcut artist whose work I recognized from a book that had been purchased for my niece, "The Troll With No Heart in his Body and Other Tales of Trolls From Norway".

That day, I found one print more fascinating than the others, a print of a Blue-spotted Salamander. I wasn't able to purchase the print that day and recently went online looking for the print with the thought that it was created by Betsy Bowen. After a few emails between us, Betsy very nicely let me know that the print was produced by another woodcut artist, Beckie Prange. With that information, I found the print I was looking for and also found that Beckie had produced another beautiful print depicting the salamander species found in Minnesota. I find the art of woodcut prints fascinating and the art created by Beckie and Betsy stunning. I've been able to purchase a hummingbird woodcut print by Betsy for my wife and hope in the near future to acquire the salamander print by Beckie. I've included links to both salamander images on the blog.