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A little over a week ago, I went out to take a bunch of pictures of the town with a few UMD friends. We figured we could all look like tourists for a day in order to get some pictures of the town we'd be living in for the next nine months. It was a lot of fun! We walked along the river and crossed the bridge to the side where the city campus is. Got some pics from inside the Hive (our beautiful, if not a little odd looking, library just built earlier this year) and then went along to get some pictures of the City Centre (yes, Centre not Center).

Here's a link to the pictures I've taken... I've never done this before so I have no idea if this will work :P Here goes nothing!

Anyway, the next day we went to what the English call a "Car Boot Sale". Now, a boot of a car is what we call the trunk so basically, it was a garage sale out of car trunks. There must have been over 100 cars parked with their boots open out in this huge field. I am not a huge garage sale fan and this was about the same but I did enjoy walking around and taking in the scene. Plus, I did find a colander for only 50 p (p=pence... like what we call cents) and I got the best strawberries I've ever had and some grapes from a nice older guy who called me "love" when he greeted me; I probably blushed, it was sweet. He even threw in another package of grapes and all of that fruit was only two pounds! Meat was also being sold from a truck there as it does in the City Centre market... didn't go near that.

Then, Freshers Week began. Freshers are equivalent to Freshman in the US and even though none of us from UMD are freshers anymore, we were invited to do all of the Freshers week activities: going to clubs, the sports and societies fair and welcome type meetings for your particular area of study. The welcome meetings were only slightly helpful because most of the meetings picked for me didn't necessarily relate to my major, Art History, it was basically just related to the Drawing class I'm taking. Apparently, they don't have majors here... instead of asking "What is your major?" you ask "What are you studying?"

The Sports and Societies Fair was great! It was a little crazy because it was so busy with all the different societies you could join but I found my way to Rowing and to the Film Watching Society. I haven't officially joined either but I'll be going to the first film showing tonight and going to the selection meetings for Rowing. I'm happy that Rowing accepts people who haven't had any experience with the sport because I have been interested in trying it for a while but never really had the opportunity at home; hopefully the selection process won't be too intimidating! The Film Watching society is mostly just to meet people and have a chill night every week to watch a movie I haven't seen before.

We finished off Freshers Week early because we had a programme trip to Wales! A lot of people were disappointed to be leaving in the middle of Freshers Week because they felt like they were missing out on a lot of the clubbing/getting-to-know-flatmates opportunities. I, for one, was glad to be getting away from the Freshers Week madness and I felt like it'd be a good opportunity to get back in touch with all the programme people. My next entry will give details on how awesome the Wales trip was :D

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