Day of Shopping!

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While we still had an early morning (9:15 am... yes, that is early for those of us with jetlag) meeting to go to, we did not have to be running around a lot that morning because it was all about talking to all of the international students who are going to be attending the University of Worcester. We got a couple warm welcomes and lots of information on banking, finance, study skills, Student Union things. The SU is basically a union which every student of the U is part of just by being a student here and it's not part of the University - it is it's own separate entity. Anyway, that went until a little before noon so we decided to head down to the City Center to grab some food (Greggs is one super fast and cheap, but still yummy, little sandwich shop with pasties and such) and get a few things (like those adapters that I need to return).

We needed to get back to campus (we were nearly late, again) to get copies of our passport and visa for medical insurance purposes and the bank. Then we were out on the town again for some grocery shopping.

We all had to meet at ASDA (a pretty cheap shopping center with just about anything we could need) so there, after shopping for food etc we went to figure out where a bus would drop us off at St. John's. That didn't work out so well; we ended up wandering around to find the bus and it started raining and our bags (paper... weirdest material to bag things in when it rains 70% of the time here) started breaking... and I loved it. We were all so hopeless it was just ridiculous to me. It was just the pathetic funny that made me like the situation so much; anyway, we finally found the bus stop (we actually got there [a Staples store, whodah thunk?] at the same time as the bus) and were the first ones on it. It got pretty packed though as all the other international/exchange students got on too.

That evening I was able to connect with both my parents on Skype (because I finally got my computer charged up after figuing out the outlet situation) so that was really nice. So far, I'm not super homesick, I'm just missing my family and friends a bit.

Well, I'm about to go downtown for a bit of shopping with a few people but I promise there will be pictures soon; a bunch of us are taking part of our free Saturday (no meetings!!) to go around town taking pics... hopefully there is some sun on Saturday! :P

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