Day Two: The First of Much Walking

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Day Two was pretty good. We had a scavenger hunt in the morning which was okay; I would have rather just walked around the City Center (the main part of the city with shopping, food, etc) for a few hours with a sheet telling us some important places to take note of... but maybe I'm just bitter: our team lost the scavenger hunt ha ha ha...

Other than that, the rest of the day's plans were mostly housekeeping type of stuff: getting our student IDs, figuring out some bank paper things and getting some info on our modules (courses for the Americans out there). We also apparently got an introduction tour but I don't remember much about that; are you sensing a theme with me yet?? I tend to forget/not remember things but I try, I really do. Anyway, this is part of my reason for writing a blog, I really want a way to look back and remember specific events or feelings or places that were important to me at the time. Once we get some normal routine down with classes and everything I should have time to post more often.

Lastly, we had a Pub Quiz (the Pear Tree is our on-campus pub) where we met up with other international students and did some trivia... my team for this also lost (pretty sure I'm cursed :P) but we were all able to meet some cool people (many from Germany, Sweden and Finland) who are basically in the same boat as we are: trying to figure out a new country's customs, being away from home for possibly the first time etc. It's been fun being able to say "hi" to these guys as we see them around campus!

Day Two was a breeze compared to the running around all day on Wednesday... however, that turned out to be my favorite day yet! More to come in my next post: The Day of Shopping!

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