First Three Days of Modules (aka Class)

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Here is a link to the pictures that may or may not work... we shall find out once I publish this :)

So I've officially had three modules (I have one module per day except two on Tuesdays and none on Fridays! Three day weekend :D) and I've really enjoyed all of them.

On Monday I have Popular Cultures which is a Worcester module and is an Anthropology course. About half of the class period (four hours :P) is lecture and the other half is seminar based; and I actually spoke up in class once! For those of you who know me, this is pretty big (not a fan of speaking in front of people). Even with the four hour class period, I stayed engaged and interested basically the whole time.

Tuesday is Drawing and I am super excited for this class because, even though I am an Art History major, I wish I could draw and I'm hoping this class will pull a bit of creativity out of me. Plus, it sounds like we'll be doing little field trips nearly every week so I'm psyched for that! Other than class on Tuesday, I went shopping for actual food I can cook so that was nice; the trek home with what felt like 20 pounds of food was not so nice however. I have had healthy, yummy meals the past few days though, so it was well worth it! Unfortunately, I got caught up in the class and the grocery shopping and completely blanked the Worcester Rowing Club Welcome Meeting (I'm planning on joining the rowing team for the workout and the community feeling). I was so upset for missing that but everything turned out okay; I went to the selection meeting today... more on that later.

Wednesday (today) was also super busy! I had class again in the morning (this one is a UMD marketing class) and it went well. I really don't have much of an interest in marketing because that's just not my focus but the class seems like it will be interesting and I really like all the people in it (four other UMD kids and two Brits); we even have a facebook group already :P After class, I made some lunch and went straight to get some art supplies for my Drawing module and I got great deals; it was amazing the amount of stuff I got for the amount I paid! Then I did laundry and ate again before heading to the Rowing Club Man V Machine session. It was intense! First, we got some one-on-one instruction to get the form down. Apparently, I had great back posture while I was rowing so that was nice; plus, the senior helping me out asked if I was a dancer and that basically made my night (I'm not a dancer but I've always kinda wanted to be). Then came the challenge: we were put into teams and had to do six, five hundred meter rows. So in total, each team rowed 15000 meters. It was SO HARD! The first round went pretty easily but then the second round hit and it was like "Six of these, really??!" Thankfully, by the third go around I had wrapped my head around the fact that I was only half way done so it was actually a little easier than the first couple. It was just so great to look around and make eye contact with other exhausted people and just have that look like "You're exhausted, yeah, me too." It built a sense of we're-all-in-this-together and I loved that even as I was panting and feeling dizzy and like three more rounds was not going to be physically possible. Anyway, we got through it just fine... well, most everyone, and I loved meeting a lot of new people. I also was told several times by the senior rowers that I did a "brilliant" job and they were all pretty surprised when I said that I had never rowed in my life so that was all quite encouraging :D

I'm excited to do a couple more rowing things this week; we've got another selection meeting on Friday and then on Saturday or Sunday, I'm going to a, what they call, taster session where we are actually on the water to see how we get along there.

Feel free to post comments, questions etc. I am happy to explain more, or give more detail or hear your own experiences! Cheers!

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