Flight and First Day

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I feel like we haven't stopped walking since we've gotten to Worcester. It's been four days packed full of necessary information and experiences. But, I get ahead of myself! I'm going to make a few different posts for the different days because so much has happened and there is too much info for just one post... I would totally bore you to death (especially since I don't have pics yet, sorry!!)

Sunday was a blur of last minute packing (and unpacking and repacking... so hard to get under 50 lbs!!) and making sure everything was squared away for my departure - though I did find time to squeeze in a viewing of Beauty and the Beast :D The airport was slick; I liked seeing it so deserted on a Sunday evening, usually it's bustling when I'm there and contributes to everything feeling unsettled. Thankfully, even though saying goodbye to my parents was tough, we all seemed to hold it together. One bad thing about the plane ride (other than being stuck in the very middle) was the expected not-being-able-to-sleep thing... never have I been able to sleep on a plane and I don't think that will change anytime soon.

So we get off the plane at Heathrow in London and everyone is sleep deprived and it just gets funnier as we have to be on a coach bus for another two and a half hours before actually arriving in Worcester. I don't know that my eyes have ever threatened so much to close and stay closed; and we were actually doing activities on the bus to keep us awake and I was still so ready to fall asleep! I'm pretty sure several of us were in that predicament so it was just kind of funny to me (probably because I was sleep deprived and therefore loony).

Finally we're in Worcester... and I don't even recall what we did the rest of the day on Monday...our schedule says we checked in and got our keys to the flats and had a sandwich meal for dinner. I only vaguely remember this happening :P

Overall, our flats are super nice. I had a small issue with figuring out how the automatic lights could be turned off (I certainly did not enjoy having a startling bright light in my face at who-knows-what in the morning) and figuring out why the adapter I brought from home and the two others I bought here didn't work (a switch on the outlet needed to be flipped; in my defense, the switch was not super obvious or, if you don't buy that [which you shouldn't], I was totally sleep deprived [the real issue]). Both of these problems were solved relatively quickly, though I will need to return the other two adapters. I love that I get my own bathroom - which I finally bought real towels for yesterday! I also got sheets and a few other necessary items (like FOOD!!) so yesterday (which I will go more in-depth about in another post) was fabulous and productive; best day yet.

But again, I'm getting ahead of myself... my next post will be on Day Two, Tuesday the 11th. Don't worry pics will be coming soon(-ish). :D

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