London for Reading Week Part II

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So, last time I left off we had just finished off a great Saturday in London with a museum, Hot Pot and a good long walk to the Tower of London Bridge and back... but now it's Sunday and we've got to get moving!

On Sunday morning we went to a large market in London called Spitalfields. It was way larger than we thought it would be and there were great stalls with artwork, jewellery, leather bags, clothing and my personal favourite, food!! For a late breakfast we got breakfast crepes (my first crepe: very yummy!). So we did some window shopping at Spitalfields (escaped without giving all our money away; it was quite difficult in some cases) and then we headed over to St Paul's Cathedral because we were going to tour the place and stick around to see Evensong and the Organ Recital they were putting on. Unfortunately, we couldn't tour St Paul's because it was Sunday and they are only open for services. We somehow lost all our energy after that and basically walked around a little bit and ended up in a Starbucks staring off into space. The hot chocolate was good though. We got back for Evensong and the Organ Recital and those were both pretty good, however not as good as I had hoped... I think I had built it up in my head too much and then it was just a bit disappointing. Either way though, it's neat to be able to say I went to Evensong at St Paul's! That basically ended our day; we got dinner and went to the Black Lion for the rest of the night and got excited to go to the Tate Modern in the morning!

Our morning on Monday consisted of being intrigued and confused in the Tate Modern art museum and I took some pictures of the ones I really liked (didn't think about taking a pic of their descriptions which was stupid of me but here are some of my favourites):
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View image

After the Tate, we were really in the mood for a chippy but it turned out to be closed so we went to a burger place we saw on the last street we passed and had the yummiest burgers and the onion rings were delightful! It really hit the spot for us; we had been losing steam (museums really take a lot out of you!). Good thing we were revived because then we went to our second museum of the day: the National Gallery. This was my favourite museum visit because it had about half a dozen paintings that I had learned about and loved in the art history class I took the year before. I got so excited when I saw the entire series of Marriage a la Mode that it was hard to contain myself (if you don't know the series, you should look it up, they are quite entertaining and poignant)! There were also a couple Turner paintings, many Van Gogh, Monet, Manet and Cezanne paintings so I was quite happy. We grabbed some delicious dinner in Chi-town again (I wanted to try dumplings :) ) before heading to a local park for Guy Fawkes day (the dude who tried blowing up Parliament and now, on Guy Fawkes Day, has bonfires to burn his effigy and fireworks to entertain people, probably). The fireworks were great and it was cool to be where the fireworks were actually going off - typically my family's Fourth of July celebration takes place in my room because it faces my high school that hosts fireworks but I have never been there when the fireworks are going off.

Tuesday, aka Election Day, was spent climbing St Paul's (it was wonderful, I'd totally recommend it; and the 500-some steps up there goes really quickly so it's not even bad) and getting the tour we missed out on Sunday. We also went to see Parliament and sit in on the House of Lords and the House of Commons (both really interesting and a great experience to have on Election Day!!). Then, since I hadn't gotten a Belgian waffle last time I was in London and it was calling my name the whole week, we went to get a Belgian waffle (it was really good and yes, it did have chocolate sauce on it, duh!). We also got some real dinner - okay, so it was a burrito from a stand on the street, but I swear I liked it better than Chipotle - before heading over to the Black Lion for pub quiz night. The pub quiz host guy was great: really funny and nice and he came to talk to us afterward and we talked politics for a couple hours... alright, so I really just listened and nodded but it was interesting nonetheless ha ha. That night/early morning was spent in a stairwell listening to the live streaming CNN coverage of the election; I was quite happy when it was over (and not just because I could finally go to sleep).

Wednesday was basically us getting some breakfast at that homey cafe we had frequented throughout the week and getting on a train back to Worcester. We were pretty tired from staying up so we were so happy to be sitting on the train back home.

This past week (I can't believe it's only been a week and one day since London!) has just been about homework and trying to avoid sweets. By the way, it's way to easy and cheap to get chocolate and other amazing sweets here and I have been getting into a bad habit of buying and eating too much of it so now I'm trying to avoid them unless it's actually necessary ha ha. So far so good: I've only had sweets on two out of the past eight days, woohoo!! I'll keep you posted on that as though you really care :D

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