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MN's Other Season

Minnesota's "other" season, road construction, is just around the corner. Both the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune report on the local bridge and interstate detours and closing.

Now I understand that these stories aren't big news or hard news at all, but, if it's going to be in the paper I still think the writing should be good and the article should be complete.

The writing in both papers could use some work. I find it interesting though that both papers are writing about the same topic on the same day, yet the Star Tribune writes about two major reroutes and road closings, while the Pioneer Press only finds one. Search a little harder Press!

Also, road construction affects alot of people and many commuters have something to say, whether positive or negative about it--ask them what they think!

If you're going to write about a story--do it. Don't just cover the facts that a bridge is closing and there will be detours, get some other facts and talk to some people--the people who it affects!