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When will it ever stop? 3M is in the news again. For those of you who don't know what's up--3M is in the process of being sued by area residents because of contaminated drinking water. The ground water got contaminated by chemicals 3M dumped at local landfills and dumps.

Both the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press wrote stories on the latest in the 3M ordeal. But two very different stories at that.

The Star Tribune wrote their story on the residents who filed the lawsuit against 3M and how they are trying to group together and form a class action lawsuit. The class action would mean a better chance at winning the lawsuit and an increase in money for a settlement.

The Pioneer Press didn't even mention the class action lawsuit, but wrote their story on the discovery of 4 more landfils that are effected. They also run over the concentrations of chemicals in the drinking water and at what locations those concentrations were at.