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A Sad Story

Police are currently trying to find the parents of a toddler who was found walking around aimlessly in St. Paul's Frogtown. Chue Siong found the 2-year-old Thursday morning outside his apartment building. He and his wife sat with the toddler for 2 hours waiting for someone to come looking for him, but no one did. The child has been placed in a foster home for now until his parents are located.

The Star Tribune and the Pioneer Press report on this story. The Press takes a different route than the Star by writing a more causal, touching story instead of a hard news story such as the Star did. They start the story out by excaliming he had no shoes and his socks were soaked. They go into the details and then talk about how no one knows where this child came from because all the businesses around in the area having nothing to do with children.

The Star simply reports the details in a rather dry, boring piece to me. It doesn't happen much, but I can strongly say that the Press out did the Star on this piece.