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Hopkins Crash

It's 60, no it's 70--well who cares what the number is or who is right. A 60-70 car pileup occurred Wednesday due to icy roads in Hopkins. The crash happened at about 10 P.M. on HWY 169 near 5th Ave. Among several injured, two pedestrians had the most severe injuries. It is unclear whether these people were out walking or were a part of the accident and had gotten out of their cars.

The Star Tribune, as usual, writes a lengthier story than the Pioneer Press. The Press simply writes the facts, an accident happened, where, pedestrians were injured, thats it. While the Star has interviews and looks into another accident that happened due to weather and states that over 218 incidents occurred Wednesday due to road conditions.

I found it interesting that the Star reports it was 60 cars, and the Press says 70. Also interesting to me was the Press' use of the words life threatening to describe the pedestrian's injuries, while the Star just explains them as serious injuries.