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John Doe, charged.

Criminals be aware, the police don't need your name or address to convict you of a crime anymore. The Hennepin and Ramsey County Attorney's offices say charging criminals by their DNA may become more common. They have charged one criminal of robbery without knowing his name or face. Prosecutors are identifying the criminal from the saliva from an orange juice bottle. They have identified another criminal for a rape case by DNA extracted from a sweat band.

The Star Tribune and Pioneer Press report on this story. The Star provides a lengthy story and focuses primarily on the robbery case. They give distinct information such as where the DNA was found and how they write the DNA profile in the court filing. Although it is interesting to see what DNA looks like on paper, I don't think it's crucial and kind of confusing for the average reader. The Star also looks at if it is even legal to charge someone in Minnesota by their DNA alone.

The Press reports a shorter story and talks about two separate cases right off the bat. They report on the same robbery case, and also a rape case that the Star only mentions towards the bottom of their story. The Press misses a key part in their story that is where Police got the DNA from. I think that knowing the DNA was found on the lip of a juice bottle and a sweatband is one of the most interesting pieces to this story.