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Newborn found in garbage can, dead.

A newborn baby was found dead in a garbage can after police received an anonymous 911 call Wednesday. The mother, a 17-year-old student, may face criminal charges. The incident happened on the 1700 block of Hinton Trail in Oakdale.

Once again, the Star Tribune has a lengthier story than the Pioneer Press. Although, I do think the Press' lead line is more interesting because it includes the detail that the baby's body was found in a garbage can. The Star reports this information about halfway through it's story.

The Star also says the mother was held in a juvenile detention facility, whereas the Press says she was held in Washington County Jail. The Star adds that the teen's parents had no idea she was pregnant. They also go into Minnesota's safe haven law which allows mothers to leave their baby at a hospital without any legal charges. In addition, they talk about previous newborns found dead in Minnesota rivers.