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Three Gopher Football Players Arrested for Rape.

BREAKING NEWS! Three Gopher football players are sitting in jail today. They were arrested because of connections to a rape reported last week. I write breaking news here, not because I think it's breaking news, but because the Star Tribune categorize the story as such news.

The Star Tribune does an excellent job with the story. Their reporting is thorough and covers many aspects of the story. They look at the possible charges, who the girl is, what positions the players hold, what their coach says about the ordeal, and so forth. They also look at how many rapes or assults occur on the University every year.

The Pioneer Press and the MN Daily, the University of Minnesota's student paper, also report on this "breaking" news story. I find it a little interesting that the Pioneer Press and the MN Daily's stories are very similar. Their stories are about the same length, half the length of the Star Tribunes, and they both cover the same details. They really focus on the major details of the rape and comments from Gophers coach, Tim Brewster. They also mention that the players have been suspended, which the Star Tribune doesn't report.