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Twins Stadium One Step Closer

The MN Twins, MN Ballpark Authority and Hennepin Country all sat down to signoff on who gets what and who does what for the Twins stadium today. The signing of a 30-year contract brings fans one step closer to seeing the new ballpark, which is scheduled to open in 2010.

I'm going to be editorial right off the bat. While the local paper, the Star Tribune at least writes their own story about the huge mark for Twins fans, the Pioneer Press simply runs an AP story. But, may I add, an AP story that is much more thorough and much better written than the Strib's piece. However, the AP does fail to mention anything about Hennepin county's role in the ordeal which is kindof a big deal.

I say the AP's story is better because they go into more of the details of the contract than the Strib does. They look at the $900,000 annual rent the Twins will have to pay, along with the fact that the Twins keep all profits of the ballpark, but will give 10 percent of net revenues from non-baseball events.

I just think a few more minutes spent on the story, the Strib could have pulled together twice the story they threw out in the media world without thinking twice.