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The lead for the story by the Star Tribune is a classic example of a hard-news lead.

The lead covers the most important elements of the story, with the first being who the story is about, a missing University of Minnesota student. The name wasn't made clear because the person involved does not have prominence, so instead they used an identifier (missing U of M student).

The "What" of the story was included as well, which was how the police have discovered the missing student's body.

The "Where" of the story was also included, because where the body was found, in a boxcar in an industrial area near the TCF Bank Stadium, is an important and very newsworthy part of the story.

We are given the day the body was found, Thursday, but we aren't given a specific time because the time the body was found is not important to the story yet.

The fact that the student was missing was important to the story, but they left out the details that he was suspected in a child pornography case. This is because it would weigh the lead down with too many details.

The lead of this story had just the right amount of detail to interest the reader, as well as leaving out the specifics that aren't necessary until later in the story.

A Lesbian couple from Champlin Park High School will be able to walk together in the annual Snow Days Pep Fest.

An agreement allowing this was made after a six-hour mediation session in the wake of a lawsuit filed by seniors Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton against the school and the Hennepin-Anoka School District, the Star Tribune reported.

The lawsuit was brought about after the school refused to allow Lindstrom and Shelton, an openly gay couple, to walk together in the festival after being elected to the school's royal court.

Mary Olson, the school district spokesperson, told the Pioneer Press that the original decision was intended to respect the entire student body and so, "everyone felt comfortable and all students felt honored."

The couple, along with many other students and faculty member, were pleased with the outcome and believe it was a step in the right direction in promoting equality for GLBT youth everywhere.

US Citizens to Evacuate Egypt

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Cairo--The American Embassy in Egypt is planning to begin flying U.S. citizens from Egypt Monday due to the escalating dangers due to the protests.

Looting has become an issue across Egypt, adding to the already present danger in the outraged nation, MSNBC News reports.

Assistant Secretary of State Janice Jacobs said there will be plenty of charters out of Egypt to accomodate all U.S. citizens who want to leave, in a report by the Associated Press.

The U.S. government suggested to the 52,000 Americans currently in Egypt to evacuate as soon as possible, due to the dangerous activities spreading through the nation. There have already been over 100 people killed in the chaos.

Although the Internet interruptions in Egypt have caused communication problems for Americans planning to evacuate, Jacobs has assured that the information is reaching the stranded citizens.

Body Of Missing University Student Found in Boxcar

The body of a missing University of Minnesota Student was found in a boxcar near the TCB Bank Stadium last Thursday.

Keaton Patrick Murphy, 20, was arrested under suspicion in a child pornography case on Jan. 20.

Murphy was last seen exiting the Hennepin County jail around 7:15 p.m. the day he was arrested, according to the Star Tribune. His parents worried that he might be depressed and suicidal.

The police do not expect homicide as the cause of death, said University Police Chief Greg Hestness in a Minnesota Daily report.

Fantastic Four Faces Fatality (Spoiler Alert)

A notable Fantastic Four member was killed in battle today after fighting crime for nearly 50 years.

Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, died defending his niece and nephew from nemesis Annihilus and his army of bug-like creatures in issue 587 of the classic comic book series.

The latest issue was highly anticipated for months after Marvel Comics announced that issue 587 would be the end of one of the Fantastic Four superheros, the New York Daily News reported.

"It wasn't done with any malice--it was done in the service of this larger story," Tom Brevoort said to USA Today over the decision to kill off the Marvel Comics crime-fighter.

The following Issue, the final Fantastic Four issue, will see the surviving team members, the superhero community, and the world dealing with the death of Storm.

Two St. Petersberg Fla. police officers were shot dead Monday morning amidst a deadly fire, adding to an unusally high rate of police deaths nationwide within the past month.

The deaths Sgt. Thomas Baitinger and Officer Jeffery Yaslowitz makes for a total of 14 deaths within the past month, the Star Tribune reports.

The officers were killed while trying to serve an arrest warrant to Hydra Lacey Jr., who shot both during a gun battle before dying in a manner still left unclear.

The New york Times has reported 13 officers who have been shot since Thursday, with four killed and critical wounds to others. These findings mark an increase in police fatalities nationwide in recent years.

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