Analysis: Lead for "Body of missing U student found in boxcar."

The lead for the story by the Star Tribune is a classic example of a hard-news lead.

The lead covers the most important elements of the story, with the first being who the story is about, a missing University of Minnesota student. The name wasn't made clear because the person involved does not have prominence, so instead they used an identifier (missing U of M student).

The "What" of the story was included as well, which was how the police have discovered the missing student's body.

The "Where" of the story was also included, because where the body was found, in a boxcar in an industrial area near the TCF Bank Stadium, is an important and very newsworthy part of the story.

We are given the day the body was found, Thursday, but we aren't given a specific time because the time the body was found is not important to the story yet.

The fact that the student was missing was important to the story, but they left out the details that he was suspected in a child pornography case. This is because it would weigh the lead down with too many details.

The lead of this story had just the right amount of detail to interest the reader, as well as leaving out the specifics that aren't necessary until later in the story.

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