Two Lesbian Students Will Walk Together in Processional After Dropped Lawsuit

A Lesbian couple from Champlin Park High School will be able to walk together in the annual Snow Days Pep Fest.

An agreement allowing this was made after a six-hour mediation session in the wake of a lawsuit filed by seniors Sarah Lindstrom and Desiree Shelton against the school and the Hennepin-Anoka School District, the Star Tribune reported.

The lawsuit was brought about after the school refused to allow Lindstrom and Shelton, an openly gay couple, to walk together in the festival after being elected to the school's royal court.

Mary Olson, the school district spokesperson, told the Pioneer Press that the original decision was intended to respect the entire student body and so, "everyone felt comfortable and all students felt honored."

The couple, along with many other students and faculty member, were pleased with the outcome and believe it was a step in the right direction in promoting equality for GLBT youth everywhere.

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