US Citizens to Evacuate Egypt

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Cairo--The American Embassy in Egypt is planning to begin flying U.S. citizens from Egypt Monday due to the escalating dangers due to the protests.

Looting has become an issue across Egypt, adding to the already present danger in the outraged nation, MSNBC News reports.

Assistant Secretary of State Janice Jacobs said there will be plenty of charters out of Egypt to accomodate all U.S. citizens who want to leave, in a report by the Associated Press.

The U.S. government suggested to the 52,000 Americans currently in Egypt to evacuate as soon as possible, due to the dangerous activities spreading through the nation. There have already been over 100 people killed in the chaos.

Although the Internet interruptions in Egypt have caused communication problems for Americans planning to evacuate, Jacobs has assured that the information is reaching the stranded citizens.

1 Comment

You are doing a generally good job on the blog. Don't put datelines on your entries. You aren't in Cairo, for example. So you can't put forward the notion that you are. Keep working! gg

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