"Polite Robber" also known as "Transaction Bandit"

A Seattle man has gained notoriety for being the "Polite Robber" after robbing a Seattle convenience store Saturday with what the owner thought to be remarkable politeness, USA Today reports.

Gregory P. Hess has been suspected to be the alleged "Polite Robber."

He was a convicted bank robber known to the FBI as the "Transaction Bandit." He received the nickname after he was known for asking bank tellers for small change before telling them to empty their drawers, in a Seattle Times report.

Hess has also apparently used the "Polite Robber" routine before in a string of robberies back in 2003.

Unlike his claims in the video, Hess apparently lived in the basement of a home, did not have kids living with him, and had not paid rent on a regular basis, King County Sheriff's Sergeant John Uruquart said in a KIRO Radio story.

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