Chanhassen residents left responsible for sewage mess

Members of a Chanhassen neighborhood are left with the bill after insurance companies would not pay for damages from the sewage that gushed up from basement toilets and floor drains a few weeks ago.

Insurance companies have stated that they will pay for nothing, leaving some of the affected 25 homeowners with bills exceeding $25,000, in a Star Tribune report.

Chanhassen city manager Todd Gerhardt announced that the city did everything they were supposed to in maintaining the water main and the sewer line, which caused the sewage problem in the first place, the Pioneer Press said.

Most members of the Chanhassen neighborhood did not have insurance that would protect them from a damaged water main, which would cost a few extra dollars a month, and were left without help from the insurance companies.

Now many people are trying to find ways to receive help with the damages and have upgraded their insurance to include sewage problems.

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