Analysis: Computer-Assisted Reporting for white house visitor log data

Reporters found that the White House visitor logs have a lot of missing data in an iWatch News story.

The reporters would have had to do some extensive research on the online White House visitor log and found the missing information.

Looking over hundreds of thousands of log entries must have been extremely time consuming and aggravating.

The reporters did not use many other documents for the purpose of this article, but the amount of information found in the White House visitor log, and the lack of information found in the visitor log, provided most of the information needed to write the story.

The computer-assisted reporting was necessary for this story because the records were found online and the reporters would have had to be extremely careful in the examining and interpreting of the records they found.

The reporters would have had to find the gaps in the visitor logs themselves and found the oddly high numbers of junior aid visits and what the underlying cause of this is and why it is important.

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