Cancer-stricken, 66-year-old woman tackles bank robber

A 66-year-old woman dying with cancer tackled a bank robber to the ground in an Oakland Park, Fla. bank on Friday.

Helen Dunsford tackled Renee Breen to the ground as Breen reached in her purse, said she had a gun and told everyone to get on the ground, in an MSNBC story.

Breen demanded $10,000 from the bank, though she later claimed that the robbery attempt was an April Fool's joke.

A man who entered the Bank of America with Breen exited the building, but entered again while shouting that Breen was mentally ill as he tried to retrieve her. The man was taken into custody and shouted to reporters from the back of the police car that Breen was mentally ill, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Although officials typically discourage people from taking the law into their own hands, authorities commended Dunsford for her "Selfless and Brave," actions. Dunsford is currently living with stage 4 cancer and claimed she had nothing to lose in tackling Breen.

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