Devastating storm kills at lest 43 across 6 states

An enormous storm system created dozens of tornadoes from Oklahoma to North Carolina, Killing 43 people in six states before reaching the sea.

A total of 62 tornadoes swept through North Carolina, making for the worst storm to hit the state since March 1984, where 57 people were killed and hundreds were injured by a storm that spawned 22 tornadoes, the North Carolina governor declared in an Associated Press article.

The storm severely injured 130 people, leveled or damaged hundreds of homes and left over 84,000 people without power.

The National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Sharp told the New York Times that a "family of tornadoes" that were part of the same thunderstorm system was the reason for the devastation.

At one point, North Carolina had over 250,000 people without power before emergency crews began repairing the lines. Sporadic outages are still expected until Monday.

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