Semitruck strikes and kills University student on bike

A semitruck hit and a University of Minnesota student on a bike just in front of the Dinkytown McDonalds on Thursday morning.

Kimberly Yeong Sil Hull, 25, was going to graduate from the university in May with majors in communication and Japanese and had just won first place in a university film contest, according to the Star Tribune.

Hull was biking south towards campus besides the truck when it took a right onto Fourth Street, knocking her onto the crosswalk and crushing her chest where she died at the scene.

The driver of the truck cooperated with police and was not arrested, though police are still determining who had the right of way traffic accident investigators are determining the speed of the semitruck, in a Minnesota Daily story.

Memorial services will be held at the Rarig Center on Tuesday, the day she would have turned 26.

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