St. Louis tornado leaves none killed or injured

The most powerful tornado to hit the St. Louis area in 44 years rampaged through an airport and destroys up to 100 homes on Friday, yet didn't kill or injure anyone.

The tornado peaked at a level EF-4 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, damaged 750 St. Louis homes, damaged the Lambert-St. Louis Airport and yet no one was killed thanks to citizens taking precaution after the 34-minute warning, said the Star Tribune.

On Easter Sunday, many civilians were left to pick up the pieces of the aftermath that will cost millions in dollars to repair.

Flights at the airport resumed on Sunday and reached about 70% of operations a mere two days after the tornado struck, said CNN.

The tornado had winds of about 170 mph, left 65 houses uninhabitable, and 35 houses with sustainable damage, according to Police Chief Donald Hood.

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