May 25, 2005

Hip hop on the radio

Recently, Minnesota Public Radio purchased a radio station from St. Olaf College. This station has become 89.3 The Current (why they have to name radio stations with some goofy name like the current, the point, the score, the fan, and the patriot I have no idea; it bothers me). This is a station I can actually tolerate listening to. They play lots of local music in a wide variety of genres, including hip hop. The best thing about the station is that you don't have to listen to the same songs over and over (in fact I�ve rarely heard the same song twice). The station plays local hip hop group Atmosphere and Heiruspecs as well as other underground hip hop (Sage Francis and Gift of Gab). Although the majority of the music isn�t hip hop, if you want something fresh and new on the radio I�d recommend tuning in 89.3.

Posted by lars1396 at May 25, 2005 2:23 PM