May 25, 2005

Controversy about 89.3

"At some point, won't Minnesotans come to believe that giving money to MPR is a little like making a charitable contribution to the New York Yankees or Wal-Mart?" -Doug Grow, Star Tribune

My last post was about Minnesota Public Radioís new station 89.3 The Current. I have a very positive opinion about the station, however many people are threatened by it. MPR (91.1) is primarily a news and informational station that is funded through taxes and donations. This is actually a huge company and one of the best public radio stations in the country. Many people feel that they are too powerful and their new acquisition just makes them even more frightening of an entity. I agree with this argument in part. It is tough for other local stations to exist because of the funds that MPR can pool. KFAI is a station that will be hurt by the newcomer. Both stations are targeting a similar station and provide some content that crosses over. I donít feel that they are some huge monster that we should fear. If they offer a better service they deserve to have more listeners. In cases of service companies it is most often the peopleís choice that becomes the largest entity, whether or not you agree with the majority is your personal opinion. I feel this is true in most cases, up until you have a company taking advantage of people to continue their dominance. If you provide content that is quality, healthy, and entertaining people will be attracted to it. The news can take information that is shocking and enticing to people and get viewers, but the job of the news is to take what is important and worthwhile and make it interesting. This way of thinking fits into many different aspects of life including music. Why take the immediate gratification when you can have much more?
PS: I hope you've been enlightened =)

Posted by lars1396 at May 25, 2005 3:09 PM