June 2, 2005

Upcoming Shows

Hip Hop Show Night (some shows going on tonight):

The Dax Pierson Benefit
Featuring: Atmosphere / Brother Ali & Bk-One / Eyedea & Friends / Building Better Bombs / Mel Gibson & The Pants / DJ Nikoless / Dee Jay Bird

This show is a benefit for Dax Pierson from the band subtle, being held at the 7th Street Entry (next to First Ave) tonight. It is a pretty huge show and I would imagine it will sell out, if it isn't already. Atmosphere, Brother Ali, and Eyedea are the three biggest groups in the Rhymesayers Crew (and debatably all of MN).

Unknown Prophets
Featuring: Hecatomb / Carnage / DEC / Livewire

This show is over at the Triple Rock, which I spoke about previously. The Unknown Prophets are a Minnesota classic and always have great shows. Carnage is well known for his freestyling ability.

Tale of Two Cities Presents
Featuring: Shades of Darkness / Orikal / Living Stereo (NES) / B-McC of Elipsis / W.A.R of The Horsemen

This one is downtown at The Annex (the basement of the Lone Tree). The groups are some younger guys working their way up in the MN scene. Definately, a cool venue and a good place to hang out.

Posted by lars1396 at June 2, 2005 1:45 PM