June 2, 2005

Too much television

The television can be entertaining, but with the way programming is leaning I'd have to argue that for most people it is a huge burdon. The content on most channels is aimed at the lowest common denominator, but it is hard not to get stuck in front of it once it is on. These shows attempt to feed into human curiousity or to exploit human desires. The artist Aesop Rock from New York has a song called "Basic Cable" that I really identify with. He is an amazing lyricist:

"television, all hail grand pixelated god of
fantasy, murder scape and perspective
fuck a sore channel changed digit
I sit with a nasty network intervenes plan
with a stable diet of my cable pirate
yo, the doctor is in, the doctor is on
born the bastard son of static radiance cloned to welcome in every home
lead a blue screen, bruised dream canope
victim of the cursed nursed Technicolor drunk support team"

The television really sucks people in and before you know it you've been there for hours.

"turn my stilt into my guilt and have a chatter box blame frame adjacent station
make reality scrambled and suck the life out of a hidden vandal
and loving every minute of the gimmick, change the channel"

Television also changes reality and confuses people into believing some alternate life that the programmers present.

"make me a star, I wanna touch gold
hold me suspended in a dream, mearly inches from the screen
deleted passions sacrificed to one electron monster
crucify my little future to the monitor
damn it feels good, turn on, tune in"

Just like a good ficitonal book, television can be an escape for people. It can be a huge problem when people don't use it to enhance their lives, but rather to tune out and let it dictate them.

"plug it in, turn it on, let my little eyes glaze
twenty screens lined up along the borders of the maze
I wanna see the five day forecast, fourteen days in advance
so I can get my two weeks notice every time the sun dance

plug it in, turn it on, silent fix better than nothing
let a once divine soul feel the functions of the hypnotist
the viciousness, ridiculous, peaking a dummy's interest
touch the power button meet your maker, ain't that something?

plug it in, turn it on, say goodbye to Sunday afternoon
fix the antenna, sit back and let disaster bloom
it's a beautiful sight, with a most ugly intention
but I taste it everyday and bathe inside the consequences

plug it in, turn it on, never once have you talked back to me
your majesty, I love you, I despise you
my everyday is sitcom, soaps, news, bad dramatization
come along with me, my friend for the most glorious sensation"

Posted by lars1396 at June 2, 2005 4:38 PM