June 8, 2005

New Age CD Marketing

Influenced possibly by piracy or just giving the customer a better product, many artists have started to include more than just music with their releases. A variety of new releases come with extras such as computer enhanced content, DVD videos, artwork, bonus CDs, and even the chance to win a contest. In the mainstream 50 Cent’s album came with an entry into a contest and The Game came with a bonus DVD. The underground has also added additional content to many of the releases. The latest Aesop Rock collector CD came with an illustrated lyric book containing the lyrics for his full discography. The “Felt” release this summer from Slug and Murs will have a comic book as a bonus. Slug’s re-release of “Headshots: Seven” included a bonus “Best of Headshots” CD as well as two previously unreleased records (“Sad Clown 5&6”). For their release this fall the CunninLynguists have a new concept. They will release a DVD video after the album that uses the CD as the audio track to sync with the DVD. Although these bonuses are sometimes gimmicky and unwanted, they are often enticing to fans of the groups. They definitely offer another reason to purchase the albums with content that is not as easy to obtain on the internet.

Posted by lars1396 at June 8, 2005 3:02 PM