June 9, 2005

Upcoming Shows

Some great shows are coming up in the next two weeks:

Tomorrow (Friday) is Carnage and Desdemona at the Red Sea
-Carnage is well known for his freestyling skills and Desdamona for her poetry. She has recently been heading up a series of B-Girl events, and can often be seen at the Blue Nile at poetry nights.

On Saturday The Digable Planets are playing First Ave
-They have reformed after 10 years as I mentioned in my last post.

Next Thursday and Friday are the release parties for Kanser held at Bryant Lake Bowl
-Kanser is a local group that is part of the Interlock Label, which is one of the two largest underground hip-hop labels in the city.

Posted by lars1396 at June 9, 2005 1:56 PM