January 17, 2007

Week 1 Journal

1. What is interactive design?
I think that interactive design is the incorporation of graphic design and high technology (if that makes sence.) Most of the time I don't even understand how interactive design is possible.
2. What do you want to learn from this course?
I want to learn how to use Flash much better, because in motion graphics, I used it, but I am still very unsure about many things on it. I am also looking forward to learning more about web design.
3. What applications / programming languages do you know or want to learn?
I have used Flash and Dreamweaver and that is as far as my knowledge goes. I don't know very much about programming, so I hope to learn all of that good stuff.

I have made two websites. One for Design Technology 1 and another for Art in Technology 1, neither of them are good....BUT...here they are!

Design Tech
Art in Tech