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December 13, 2005

Comparing the artists

For this blog, I have researched artists, Ken Rinaldo and Kenneth Feingold. I have posted my research for both on this blog and compared them here. Enjoy!
Both Ken Feingold and Ken Rinaldo seem to be very unique and interesting artists. They both use artificial intelligence in some way or another. All of their subjects in their artwork are very teechnological and modern. It seems as though both artists are trying to manipulate the human being in some form of artificial way. Whether its a robot or a human head made from plastic, humans are being represented in some sort of way. Feingold chooses to use himself as the subject, while rinaldo is using a robot, creating a sort of communication through it. All in all I feel as thought Rinaldo and Feingold have a lot in common in their form of artwork.

December 1, 2005

Ken Rinaldo

Ken Rinaldo, 47, comes from a family of artists and inventors. Both his parents are contemporary artists. His French Grandfather Jean Vincent Rinaldo was a painter and a member of the Salon Des Independent in Paris. His Scottish Grandfather was an electronics inventor. His Great, Great Uncle was Robert Fulton the American inventor of the steamboat.
Ken Rinaldo studied biology as a teen, ballet in New York City until the age of 20. He has an Associates in Science in Computer Science from Canada College; 1982, a Bachelors of Art in Communications from The University of California at Santa Barbara; 1984 and a Masters in Fine Arts in Conceptual and Information Arts from San Francisco State University; 1996.
Rinaldo teaches interactive robotic sculpture, "digital imaging," and multimedia at the Ohio State University in Columbia, Ohio, where he also heads the art and technology program of its Art Department.
Here is Rinaldo's Artist Statement: I have chosen interactive art in particular because it encourages active, self determined relationships with a work of art and points to a co-evolved coupling between human, machine, nature and culture. The branching and joining of physical forms in my work echoes the behavioral flow and multiple directions an interactive piece may take in the act of self-organizing. I am compelled by open structures that define form but do not close the form off to the viewer. I use exposed electronics and mechanics as part of the aesthetic in proposing structural relationships between wire, circuits and natural structures. I believe it is imperative that technological systems acknowledge and model the evolved wisdom of natural living systems, so they will inherently fuse, to permit an emergent and interdependent earth. Symbio - technoetic can describe this philosophy.
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Kenneth Feingold

Ken Feingold, an amazing technological artist was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently 53 years old. He has had a lot of experience as an atrist and instructor. Some things he could list on his resume include these: 1970–76 studies of Art and Information Theory, Antioch College, Yellow Spings, Ohio (USA); California Institute of the Arts, School of Art, Valencia (USA); 1977–85 Associate Professor of Fine Art, Minneapolis College of Art & Design (USA); 1989–94 Adjunct Associate Professor, Princeton University, Visual Arts Program Arts and Council on the Humanities (USA); 1993–94 Adjunct Associate Professor, Cooper Union School of Arts for the Advancement of Art and Science, New York (USA); 1993–98 Professor for Computer Art and faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, New York (USA).
Ken Feingold's work involves photography, film, video and interactive installations. His works provide innovative interfaces between the human being and the virtual world. The complicated mechanical and technological production of his installations is not only influenced by specific insights that the computer technologies provide, but also by Critical Theory and Philosophy.
In recent years, his work Interior was commissioned for the first ICC Biennale '97, Tokyo, and Head was commissioned by the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, for the exhibition Alien Intelligence in 2000.He is presently developing a commissioned public artwork for the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.
Feingold's recent work merges sculpture, programming, and telepresence in ways that suggest new and often playful forms of communication.
Ken Feingold currently lives and works in New York.
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