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Kenneth Feingold

Ken Feingold, an amazing technological artist was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is currently 53 years old. He has had a lot of experience as an atrist and instructor. Some things he could list on his resume include these: 1970–76 studies of Art and Information Theory, Antioch College, Yellow Spings, Ohio (USA); California Institute of the Arts, School of Art, Valencia (USA); 1977–85 Associate Professor of Fine Art, Minneapolis College of Art & Design (USA); 1989–94 Adjunct Associate Professor, Princeton University, Visual Arts Program Arts and Council on the Humanities (USA); 1993–94 Adjunct Associate Professor, Cooper Union School of Arts for the Advancement of Art and Science, New York (USA); 1993–98 Professor for Computer Art and faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, New York (USA).
Ken Feingold's work involves photography, film, video and interactive installations. His works provide innovative interfaces between the human being and the virtual world. The complicated mechanical and technological production of his installations is not only influenced by specific insights that the computer technologies provide, but also by Critical Theory and Philosophy.
In recent years, his work Interior was commissioned for the first ICC Biennale '97, Tokyo, and Head was commissioned by the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, for the exhibition Alien Intelligence in 2000.He is presently developing a commissioned public artwork for the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff.
Feingold's recent work merges sculpture, programming, and telepresence in ways that suggest new and often playful forms of communication.
Ken Feingold currently lives and works in New York.
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He has done a lot of work in the past. Hes also another artsit who seems to branch out into many different aspects of digital art. Im curious as to see if he becomes more mainstream and if we see his work in modern media.

All I really have to say is that I went to the website and it really freaked me out! It kinda reminded me of some kind of chucky movie or something.

But also I can appriciate his work as well, and see it as playful, not scary.