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Graphic Design Poster Research

For our Graphic Design 1 class we are supposed to reseacher posters, since posters are a main part of the graphic design world. After looking at numerous websites and books I have seem a lot of different styles and cultures of posters in the world.
A lot of the posters I have seen from different countries seem to be very unique. Whether they are from Europe, Russia, the middle east, the United States and even Canada, they all have a certain uniqueness to them.
I love the posters from China, and Japan. I think that they are very up to date with they poster designs. China is bascially taking over the world now and their design skills are immaculate. I love how they use the postive and negative space in their designs. I think one thing that intrigues me about the Chinese culture ( and japanese as well) is their symbolic language. Chinese symbols (text) can be used in such an artistic way on the Poster. They can tell a whole story and it looks nice as a big image on the page.

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