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Extreme Makeover: Showcase Edition

For our final project in Graphic Design 1 we were assigned to redesign a showcase at UMD. I was partners with Annalie Norlander and we redid the the College of Liberal Arts Student Affairs and Advising Center. It is located in Cina Hall at UMD. When we started designing we came up with many different solutions and decided to go with a walk through a path in a woods. The journey was supposed to start out scarey, but with the help of the Advising Center end with a good outcome. We met with many people to come up with the final details. There was a very poorly put together display in the showcase before. I really like the outcome and are very proud of it.

The before picture:



These are the after pictures:




Very well done! There's an incredible sense of depth to the background image. I think it'd be really cool if the lights on the side were taken out, but have a light behind the background right were the path leads to.