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Metro Tranist driver accused of driving drunk

A Metro Transit bus driver was arrested Saturday night for driving intoxicated during his shift, the Star Tribune reported.

Alonzo V. Martin, 46, of St. Paul, was the driver. He was charged with one gross misdemeanor and one misdemeanor count of driving while impaired, the Star Tribune said.

Police stopped Martin around 9:40 Saturday night at the Brooklyn Center Transit Center, the WCCO reported.

The WCCO said that another driver following the bus called 911 to report erratic driving from the bus.

Riders on the bus also complained of Martin’s dangerous driving.

“When he hit the corner he was going too fast and he hit the bump. It was just me and my friends, but it was kind of scary though,” Thomas Cunningham, a rider on the bus, told WCCO.

Shortly after the 911 calls, Martin was pulled over. Police made Martin perform a sobriety test, which determined he was intoxicated. His blood alcohol content level was 0.24, six times the legal limit for commercial drivers, the Star Tribune said.

Martin is on leave while police and the MTC investigate. He has two DUI convictions and several other driving violations, the WCCO said.

Metro Transit said they run background checks on their employees daily. Martin’s pervious DUI convictions were more than 20 years ago, WCCO said.

The Star Tribune reported that Martin is the first driver in the transit agency’s history to be arrested for drunken driving.

“This is a very unique situation. It never before has happened in our history so we want to do a thorough, careful investigation and see where that takes us. In the meantime, we want to apologize to the community and to our riders,” Bob Gibbons of Metro Transit said.