January 29, 2009

looking up

You know your life has turned for the best when Amazon.com's personal recommendations for you include "Applied Regression Analysis and Multivariate Methods, Survival Analysis: a Self-Learning Text, and HOT Yoga on the same page.

January 22, 2009

winter goodies

One of my favorite things about winter is walking around and watching how people react when they start to slip on ice. Some play it really coool. Some laugh at themselves. Some look around panicked and horrified. My favorites just fall.

January 17, 2009

patience wearing thin

Is winter over yet? I would like just one morning where I didn't have to break a sweat trying to pry open my car doors.

Yesterday a woman accosted me asking where she could find breakfast (1 pm). She was wearing a giant fur hat and had a strange accent/speaking rhythm. I gave her a few coffee shops and bagel places that were across the street, and she told me that would not do-- where was the nearest House of Pancakes? I wished her good luck, since it was 40 below and I don't think I've ever known of an IHOP in Minnesota.

Later yesterday, I got a phone call from my doctors office saying that my doctor was canceling all his appointments for an indefinite amount of time, and therefore my appt in early February would be canceled. Then she further clarified by saying that he was just out for awhile, and wouldn't know if he could come back until the first or second week of February. I think he checked into rehab.

January 5, 2009

holiday break

One entry could never suffice to cover all the delightful topics of this winter's break. So I may have to create a series of sorts....Today's selection: root canal 1, 2, 3.

As a preface to my root canal story cont., I have to explain that my root canal was indeed a long time coming. My upper right jaw had been aching for months, and my teeth responded with shooting pain to the slightest change in temperature or pressure. I had been informed that the tooth in question was called "#2" in dental code, which made sense to me because it was the second from the last tooth in my gumline. I went along with this lingo and requested a root canal on #2 when the time came. After I came out of the dental office, I told Erik that it seemed really weird because my back tooth was the one that hurt more then the second to the back tooth. He gave me a look melding complete exasperation and horror as he realized that I didn't know that #2 is in fact the tooth farthest back, as #1 is actually the first wisdom tooth. Three weeks later, I see that I will soon have to go in for number THREE. Something to look forward to in 09.

December 19, 2008

an observation

It is never appropriate to come to work when you will be coughing/sneezing/wheezing so heavily and frequently that other people are scared of you.

A guest laborer in our office today just announced to all that indeed he is "NOT sick, I just have asthma... and bronchitis." I promptly wiped all my belongings off with purell wipes and am in search of a SARS mask.

December 16, 2008

as snow falls

Yesterday: I woke up to the weatherman chirping a -30 windchill, which was exceptionally sad because I had to walk 20 minutes to the dentist's office to get a root canal. Bundled so tightly my arms were stiff, I set off. After my 2 hour procedure, I went to work with puffy cheeks, and cheerfully smiled at people along the way. I later realized my lips hadn't fully recovered from the lidocaine-- I was only half smiling, which was made to be even scarier by the swollen mass.

When I finally got home, after scaring more people at work, I was in desperate need of semi-solid foods. Alas, I had a full cupboard of crunchy, pokey, and chewy. I bundled again to trek to my car, only to find the doors were frozen shut. After tugging and pulling and getting snow in my shoes, I went back inside to find boiling water. I threw the water on the door, realizing immediately that it was only a cup of insta-icicle that for sure sealed the deal on me not getting back into my car until spring.

December 8, 2008

how did i miss this?!

A few weeks ago I went into the eye doctor. My vision had been slipping yet again, until the breaking point when I couldn't read in lecture anymore. I could see the laser pointer, but the red dot was pointing at nothing but blurry lines.

I had the appointment early in the morning, since my first class is across the street from the clinic. My first class is stats lab, taught by an atypically charming statistics t.a. who is also very quiet. In my plans, I hadn't accounted for the fact that my pupils would be highly dilated and my eyes would be even less effective than normal.

So I marched into lab a few minutes late and snuck into a seat in the back. I was trying to read the sheet of paper that listed the things we were going to do that day, holding it at an arms length where it was slightly clearer. We work on computers, so I tried tilting my head various ways to see if it would help. This went on for the full hour, as my eyesight did not improve.

Finally, as I was gathering my stuff to leave, the ta put his hand on my shoulder and startled me. He said, "You looked really confused today, do you think you need a little extra help? We can always set up some tutoring if you need it." And I couldn't even come up with a reasonable response, and almost got trapped into extra stats time that I didn't need. Finally I pointed to the yellow-stained tear ducts, and laughed awkwardly.

December 5, 2008

weird or not weird?

My aunt just called me 'Bridgey Baboon' in an email

December 1, 2008

my bag shakes like pills

In the middle of my smaller class last week, my friend turned around and asked me for ibuprofen. And the girl next to her turned around, saying so much with just her all-knowing smile. I always am dependable as a portable pharmacy.

Today, at work, the dean came over to my desk in search of advil. Granted, she was making her way around the office looking for some... But as quickly as you could hear the shaking sound of pills, the bottle was being passed around the office.

There is something to be said for always having the necessary pills with you. I rarely have an excuse for leaving early due to a headache, which forces me to be a good student. I'm representing the boy scout motto well, and am always prepared. Additionally, when I move quickly, my bag sounds like a giant pill bottle. I have gotten skeptical looks at the airport, and have been flagged on numerous occasions for extra searching. I have an express connection with my MD and know my pharmacist by name.

Nevertheless, my pills have never done me wrong, never gotten me in trouble. People may cast me a skeptical, side-ways glance, but when in need they are always thrilled they heard my noisy bag the day before.

November 22, 2008

jingle bells

My new 'blogging problem' is that all sorts of wonderful things have been happening around me, and then I promptly forget what they were. I am sorry you are now deprived of all these wonderful stories. Today I only have one small morsel to offer.

I walked into the mall yesterday (which was a miracle, since the mall parking lot was so ridden with mountainous speed bumps I thought I would never make it) and there stood the Salvation Army man. He was ringing the bell, but he was 30 feet away from his tin can, yelling on his cell phone. Merry Christmas.

November 4, 2008


As a forewarning to all below, this is not aimed at either of my two readers... instead I just feel a need to document, and today this is my medium of choice.

I have been getting chills for two days now. I was anxious all day yesterday, as if my fate were pending a looming test. I couldn't sleep last night. Nonetheless, I sprung out of bed this morning without even rubbing my eyes.

Energy and fervor have permeated campus, and the gravity of the election palpable. Any other year, this would have sounded ridiculous, over-exaggerated. But it has never been more apparent that we, as new voters, have a tangible stake in an election. I could not be more proud of our peers today, and our country.

May today be a mark in history, progressing us further. May the voice of all Americans be heard, regardless of the outcome. May this finally be a representative election of those who have felt disenfranchised and not heard before. And hopefully, in the end, we can all be happy to have been a part of it.

November 3, 2008


On my walk to work this morning, I was nearly run over by an old man on a bike. As I jumped out of his way, he reached into his basket and pulled out a stuffed bear and squeeked it at me. I have spent a majority of my bus ride analyzing whether it was a thank you squeek or an f you, get off my sidewalk squeek. He was also wearing an enormous, bright orange hunting jacket.

October 29, 2008

coffee and spills

My dry spell from exciting and entertaining stories marches on. My life has successfully turned into the daily grind, slogging through with coffee mug in hand. I am delighted to report, however, that my inability to make it through a day or meal without spilling in some conspicuous location has NOT improved with age.

October 18, 2008

slow news week

The inevitable falling off the blog wagon happened even earlier than I had expected. Alas, I am BACK. Unfortunately, most of my hiatus was motivated by the complete lack of content my life has recently provided. Nothing overtly entertaining.

The most exciting moment of this week highlights the general awkwardness my area of study is set to bring into my daily life: I am doing research on the national health goal of reducing the percentage of unplanned pregnancies this month. When I was in the doctor's office this week, I noticed brochures on emergency contraception, early pregnancy care, and a card of resources seemingly aimed at surprised pregnant women and picked them up for this project. I dumped them on my coffee table at home with all my other literature on prenatal care, etc etc. I came home yesterday afternoon and noticed a note from my landlord set right next to them, as she had been in to check on my radiator. It was signed with an addendum at the end, "let me know if you ever need anything, or want to talk." Another successful encounter, since she surely thinks I'm pregnant now. And, of course, there is never a good time to attempt to correct her.

October 6, 2008

squirrel dancing

Today I walked out my back door, to where there are bikes chained to the outside of the stair railings. Because the tires are suspended in air, today I was delighted to see a squirrel who was running along the top of a bike tire while it spun like a treadmill underneath him. Then he saw me and jumped off.