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After reading chapter three in our Psychology book the most interesting topic talked about was about what part of our brain we use for what functions. Many different functions rely on one hemisphere over the other. This is called lateralization. Language and verbal skills are the functions most connected with lateralization. Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for showing that the two hemispheres serve different functions. He showed that by his studies with patients who underwent split-brain surgery. In this surgery the patients corpus callosum would but severed. The corpus callosum held the two hemispheres of their brains together. In their testing they would present stimuli to either visual field and test the reaction or response of the patient. I found this experiment to be very interesting. It showed how the brain worked together as a whole and also how it would work and send signals when the two hemispheres are no longer connected and can not send signals across the hemispheres. This study was very important and helpful in helping us further understand the brain and its functions. I am still wondering about other functions though. The book mainly talked about the functions language and verbal skills. What about our actions or characteristics. For example, if you are more artistic then others do you use one hemisphere more than the other? Does it change for everyone? There is still a lot of research to be done and also in progress that might help us understand the brain more.

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