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I was thinking this weekend about how it seems like all of my classes started off really easy but have been getting harder and harder every week. The first month or so of school I rarely had any homework in any of my classes and the quizzes and tests were all really easy. My economics class was all review from high school economics, and my Norwegian class was all really basic stuff. But lately the material in all of my classes has been getting harder and harder and professors have been assigning extra projects on top of all of the everyday stuff. Its almost like my professors tricked me into thinking that college was easy so they could set me up to fail later. We have only about a month left in the semester, and I have a bunch of projects to do in my Norwegian class, all of the papers and stuff in writing class, and then homework and finals in precalc and economics. This last month of the semester is not going to be fun. I know that it’s not that big of a deal if my grades aren’t great one semester, but these are probably the easiest classes that I will have in my college career so I want to get good grades now because it will get a lot harder later on.