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Walker visit

1. Journeys to Nowhere was a group exhibition that had about 10 works of art. The main exhibition was a short film by Pierre Huyghe A Journey That Wasn’t, a few of the other artists and their works included Gabriel Orozco, Joseph Cornell and Rivane Neuenschwander. There were a few sculptures and wall installations. Arranged in one of the rooms, there was a single stone on the floor next to a box of rocks, some sand made pieces, a painting of the ocean, and partly insect-eaten rice paper.

2. This gathering of works from the Walker’s collection revolves around the ideas of adventure and discovery, dreams and imagination, as well as nature and environment. These works are a commentary on nature and how humanity is affecting it. The whole exhibition was set up to revolve around a central theme presented by the centerpiece film. Carta Famita really remind me of the work we saw in class were the caddisflys used gold and precious stones given to them to make jewlery pieces.

3. A Journey That Wasn’t is a film created by Pierre Huyghe in 2005 was a very intrigueing experience and very enjoyable to watch. The film was shown on a very large screen. The movie was about a journey to find an Albino Penguin in a very remote island in Antarctica. The scenes showed in the film were very gorgeous showing what exactly it is like in the arctic. Also showing its sad side, the results of warming. It documented the journey artists took on a voyage of discovery. They set sail from Argentina to the the Arctic Circle. Their mission was to discover rare eco systems and unique and rare specimens of plants and animals

4. I would recommend it for others because it is a unique experience into a world not many get to experience. The thoughts and motivations behind the exhibition are very meaningful. All of the elements audio, and visual image provoke very strong emotional responses. The imagery and music are very beautiful.