Style Guide

So this is a rough version that is finished it still needs a few tweaks and I apologize for any misspelled words. Also the text is not final. I chose to stay simple with flat colors and no texture.

Visual Journal

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These guys are some of my most major influences in design today and i will be using them with my posters and I will be using this inspiration in my final project. by pulling all their styles together in each of my my drawings as the next two weeks go on.

Type faces


Logos So far


Mood Boards and Descriptions


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This magazines style is that of mine very grungy. Very urban feel. I can see my self drawing much influence from this site.
Garage Magazine

Inspiration 2



Mapping Project Rough Draft

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GD MAP (rough)
(no stats nor color)


Color-mood Vizjournal

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Color-Mood Analysis of Films Based on Syntactic and Psychological Models
This is an article of a study done of Color-Mood Analysis of Films Based on Syntactic and Psychological Models. The article was written by Cheng-Yu Wei, Nevenka Dimitrova, and Shih-Fu Chang.

Day N' Night

Also an interesting use of random animations is in the The Kid Cudi Music video called Day N' Night. This is kind of how i see my map working out in my head as one giant animation.

Kid Cudi- Day N' Night

Maps (Vizjournal)

Found this really great use of mapping at this website made by Design Cultural Maps Intro.
It shows a map showing the comparisons/ similarities between the iphone/ maps/ and art.

Also from that website there was another image that shows the tools to design maps.
Its also interesting because. I dont think there could be maps if it weren't for those three items.
Also the link is not glitch with two but in fact it is two separate ordeals

Alright this next image is from the same site but i thought it was a unique image. Stephen Von Worley created this image. The image is titled Map of the day, McDonalds edition. The image is a picture of map of every single McDonalds in the nation to kind of prove a point that your never to far away from a McDonalds... Unless you live out in Montana and the Dakotas. Even then your still probably only about 50-100 miles away from one. Its very interesting to look at.

View image

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