Soldier kills 16 Afghanis in shooting rampage

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A U.S. Army sergeant went on a shooting rampage in an Afghanistan village Sunday, the Huffington Post reported.
The sergeant killed 16 civilians, which including nine children and otherwise mainly women, as they slept, according to the Huffington Post.
This random rampage is "the deadliest intentional attack on civilians by a U.S. soldier" in the 10 years troops have been in the country, the Washington Post reported.
The shooting came at a time already filled with tension; just weeks ago U.S. soldiers sparked outrage in Afghani's when they burned Qurans, leading to much local protest. It also fueled "anti-American sentiment at a time of growing unease about the presence of foreign troops in Afghanistan and increasing pessimism among Americans about the U.S. mission here," the Washington Post reported.

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