Arizona v. United States to be heard Wednesday

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Two years after a controversial immigration law was passed in Arizona on immigration laws, the Supreme Court with rule Wednesday on whether to keep the expansion, the New York Times reported.
The law, called SB 1070, expanded local policies' enforcement rights when it comes to immigrants and allowing "state police officers to ask about the immigration status of anyone they stop, and to hold those suspected of being illegal immigrants," the New York Times reported.
The law has cause widespread debate and was even disputed by the Obama Administration, the New York Times reported.
Arizona v. United States will be heard by the Supreme Court Wednesday. The state has already been backed up by Florida, and 13 other states, according to the Miami Herald.
SB 1070 also ins pired other laws in Georgia, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina and Utah, according to the New York Times.

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The law is a descrimination in desguise toward the immigrants, and aiming to detect the illegeal ones, it also may be rather insultive for the other regular immigrants officially residing in the country.

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